Andrew Reynolds' Baker Skateboards verlässt Blitz Dist.

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Paukenschlag am Wochenende in der Skateboardindustrie! Andrew Reynolds und seine Firma Baker Skateboards haben mitgeteilt,  dass Baker die Firma Blitz Distribution verlassen hat.

Reynolds will in Zukunft der Verkauf und Vertrieb seiner Company von Baker Boys Distribution managen lassen. Ein logischer Schritt, besitzt doch Andrew einen Teil von Baker Boys Dist. . Vor 3 Jahren gründete Reynolds zusammen mit Erik Ellington und Jim Greco den Vertrieb.

Für Fans wird sich nach diesem Deal aber nichts ändern, ein Glück.

Press Relase:
Beginning today (October 1, 2011) Baker Skateboards will be distributed by Andrew Reynolds' co-owned Baker Boys Distribution company and will no longer be part of Blitz Distribution.

Blitz President Per Welinder is obviously proud of the part his company played in the development of the Baker brand:

    "With Baker I'm happy to see that Blitz has once again been a contributor to the worldwide success of a skate brand, and I am certain BBD will do a great job carrying the Baker torch moving forward," Welinder said. "With Baker departing Blitz will continue in its tradition of incubating and distributing brands and will now focus its efforts on the growth in the Sk8Mafia and JSLV brands in particular."

It was a homecoming of sorts for Baker Skateboards. The company will join Deathwish Skateboards, Shake Junt, Heroin Skateboards, and Thunder Trucks at Baker Boys Distribution. Seems like the only missing piece to Reynolds' Baker Boys puzzle is Altamont. . . hmmm?

Blitz Distribution and Baker Boys Distribution (BBD have announced today that the iconic skateboard brand, Baker Skateboards, is moving to a new distribution home at Baker Boys Distribution.

The move came about after Andrew Reynolds expressed his desire to bring all his brands in-house to the Reynolds' co-owned Baker Boys Distribution. After long consideration by both parties about the move they arrived at a mutually beneficial agreement. Baker Boys Distribution principal and CEO of Baker Andrew Reynolds, said, "It's been a great run over at Blitz Distribution with per and everyone there. I want to thank them all for everything they have done for me and Baker over the years and also for helping me bring Baker Home."

Jim Greco, no CEO of Bake Boys Distribution said, "Working with Blitz has been a great experience and afforded us the opportunity and the platform to launch Baker and help us grow it."

Baker Boys Distribution was started over 3 years ago and was founded by pro skaters Erik Ellington, Jim Greco and Andrew Reynolds who were all Baker team riders at the time. Jim Greco said, "When I look back over the years working with the owner Per has been a blessing. When we were young he would always look out for us, he even paid for some doctor visits when I was broke. Per was always down to do whatever crazy graphics we wanted. He treated the skaters and everyone well."

Erik Ellington expressed his happiness over the transition to move Baker to Baker Boys Distribution, "Baker is my family, and home is where the heart is."

Baker Skateboard products will be available through Baker Boys Distribution starting October 1st at the opening of the holiday season. Baker Boys Distribution is also the home to Deathwish Skateboards, Shake Junt, Heroin Skateboards and also distributes Thunder Trucks. Greco said, "Coming toward the end of our licensing agreement, Blitz has been very understanding and very helpful towards our wishes to move on and transition Baker Brand into Baker Boys Distribution. We have worked hard to build a viable channel and it's working great with Deathwish and Shake Junt. We just want to have Baker close to us. It's the brand that started it all for us. When I think of a distribution that Baker belongs at I think of BBD, no questions. We have waited a long time for this day to come and it finally has. Per is happy for us and I wish the best for Blitz."

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