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X-Games - The Legend of Danny Way – World of X Games
Woodward Skate Camp - Tom Schaar & Friends Destroy The Mini MegaRamp Download Empfehlung:
Tom Schaar brought out friends Trey Wood, Justin Rivera and Mats Hatlem to Woodward PA this past summer! The level of progression in MegaRamp skating by the youth is nothing short of amazing....
Super Ramp Final - Skate For The Cure 2014 - EZ Rocks Download Empfehlung:
DC Shoes - Danny Way Mega Ramp Bonus Part The DC Video Download Empfehlung:
Danny Way Mega Ramp Bonus - Part The DC Video.
Kimberley Diamond Cup 2013 - Finals Vert und Big Air
Check out Andy Macdonald, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Alex Perelson, Marcelo Bastos, and more skate Vert and Big Air, and then do a Best Trick over the gap of Big Air, where Jagger Eaton does a 360...
X-Games - Big Air Mega Ramp TV-Replay (87 Minuten) Download Empfehlung:
X-Games LA 2013 - Big Air Flying and Vert Spinning
Bob Burnquist smashes his face into 3rd, Tom Schaar spins a 900 and ends up in 2nd, and Elliot Sloan takes the gold in Big Air. Vert continues to be dominated by Bucky Lasek, Pierre Luc Gagnon...
X-Games Barcelona 2013 - Bob Burnquist Beats Mitchie Brusco's 1080
Mitchie Brusco lands a 1080 in the Contest and into 2nd place. Bob Burnquist still takes the win and Elliot Sloan nails 3rd. Music by: Psychosally "Your Dog"
Crazy Slam Fall on Mega Ramp Download Empfehlung:
Skateboarder goes for it on the Mega Ramp, make the first gap jump but clips his shins on the coping of the quarter pipe and slams to the flat bottom. He is ok after , maybe just a little sore...
Alex Midler Nosegrind Mini Mega Ramp Rail Instagram's NKA - @nkalexander7 ALEX - @alexmidler!/nigelalexander7 ...
Ride - Vert, Mini-Ramp, and a Mega Ramp Tour at Damn Am Woodward West 2012
The Mini-Ramp Jam was ripping at Damn Am Woodward West 2012, with a guest appearance by Austen Seaholm. Trey Wood took 1st in the vert contest, and the SPoT crew took a stroll around the ...
Evan Doherty (8 years old) youngest to date to land Pull on Mega Ramp Download Empfehlung:
Evan Doherty, the "Big E" lands a full pull- rolling from the top of the Mega Ramp at Woodward West. He is the youngest to date to do so - just turning 9 on Feb 5th. Evan is sponsored by Osiris,...
Mitchie Brusco - Woodword West MegaRamp Download Empfehlung:
Bob Burnquist surfing Megaramp
Woodward - Alex Midler (12) & Clay Kreiner Mini Mega Ramp
Throwin' down.
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