Element - Make It Count 2012, New England

Nate Greenwood was the overall winner of the 2012 MAKE IT COUNT Contest at Subliminal Skatepark in New England. Nate will join contest winners from all over ...
Eintrag am: 12.03.2012 21:07 Uhr
Hosting by: http://www.youtube.com
Hochgeladen von Element Brand am 10.03.2012 1:57 Uhr
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Phonak Markenbotschafter Titus Dittmann

Silver Trucks - L-Class
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WTF? Pop Out Body Bash
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X-Games - Ryan Sheckler Skates NYC
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Official proudly welcomes Kilian Zehnder as the first european rider to the team!
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First Look at Nyjah Huston's Training Facility
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Kerry Getz - Free Lunch Interview

Alexander Rademaker at South Banks London
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Emerica Active Demo in Chino Hills
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Independent Trucks: 5 & 5 with Dylan Williams

Chris Joslin - Night Vision
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INSTABLAST - ONE ARM RIPPER!?! Bigflip Back Tailslide Bigspin Out!! Homie Helper Tricks!!

Girls Skate Network - Blog Cam #90 - Woodward Tahoe with Hoopla & Friends

Southbound and Down - On The Boardr

Madars Apse - Barcelona Street Missions | It's A Mad World - Ep17

Devine Calloway Edit


Shredit Cards - Player #139 Reef Willard
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Brizen Flat with Davi Oliveira

LES Skate Park Warm Ups

Kyle Frederick's "12 o'clock Karl" Part
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Andrew Reynolds: Skater for iPhone and iPod Touch - Hollywood High

GX1000: London
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How Nyjah Huston Lost to Nassim Guammaz in South Africa
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Karl Watson, Lenny Rivas Interview! EMB, World Park & Lenny’s Lost Part! Weekend Buzz ep. 94 pt. 2

Arnette - Mark Appleyard Create Your Vision The Ledge Part II

A Week at Element Camp 2014

Kyle Frederick Knows Thunder Trucks

Enzo Cautela - Tre flip 6 Flat 6 (Behind The Scenes)

LES Skatepark Contest Raw Footage (New York)

Titus Locals Only Competition 2014 | Preview Finale Rust
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IOU Ramps - Miniramp Jam El Toro in Deggendorf

Jordan Hoffart, Marius Syvanen, Tom Remillard & JT Aultz Skate Cape Town, SA

Venture Trucks - Youness Amrani Always On The Grind
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INSTABLAST! Smith Gap Over Stair Rail! Nollie Biggerspin, Pool Ripping, Jason Park, Brad McClain!!
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20 Years of Chocolate, Denver & NYC
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Magenta Skateboards - Camino a San Francisco
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3rd Floor Hardware - Javier Sarmiento
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Damn Am Woodward Skate Camp 2014 Best Trick Highlights

Irregular Magazine - 3 X 1 Ali Khachab auf den Wiesn
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Street League 2014 - Under the Radar Billy Marks

Issey Yumiba's Archives, Kris Vile Skate Pharmacy & More! - Almost Famous Ep. 21

Woodward West Damn Am: Independent Best Trick, Semi-Finals, and Finals

Asphalt Yacht Club - Skate With Nyjah Huston - Tilly's Contest

Arnette - Anything But Mark Appleyard Episode 2

Damn Am NYC Best Trick Pyramide

Thrasher Magazine - Best of KOTR: Barefoot

Milton Martinez's "Creature Fiend" Part
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Shredit Cards - Player # 138 Dimitri Rangos
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Kimberly Diamond Cup Africa - Street Finals at KDC

etnies Proudly Welcomes Chris Joslin
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Wreck Wheels Germany - introduces Fabian Lang & Fabian Michel
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Beyond - Double Trouble Part 2 Christian Döbrich and Thomas Meinel

Norddeutsche Meisterschaft im Skateboarden, Hamburg, I-Punkt Halle

Motivation - Douwe Macare

How Gage Boyle Won Damn Am Woodward - SPoT Life
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Woodward West Damn Am - Qualifiers: Austin Lenahan, Miles Lawrence, Gage Boyle
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Vans Shoes - Vans Chile: Christian Dawson in Barcelona

Blind Skateboards - Tj Rogers X2 Vision Extras
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Pushing Plywood SF September 2014

Bob Anderson Long Double Set 360 Flip

Kimberly Diamond Cup Africa - Street Qualifiers & Vert Finals at KDC
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Wes Kremer's Bonus Videeo "Extra Crusty By Nature" Part (13 min.)
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Cameo Wilson's Lost part
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Damn Am NYC 2014 Exploited Crew Sunday Funday Epsisode 2

Grizzly Griptape - Welcomes Dashawn Jordan

Chris Pierre-Jacques at Damn AM NYC

Frontside Tailslide Dragon Flip out, NBD????
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Ainte Skateboards - Daniel Schreitmüller

Krux Trucks - Actual Skateboarding with Silas Baxter Neal
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The History of 20 Years of Chocolate Skateboards
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