Etnies - Tyler Bledsoe Introducing the Bledsoe Low

How low is it? The Bledsoe Low, it skates right under a chopped and dropped '65 Impala with inches to spare. Featuring a stylish blind toe seam and double-wrap vulcanized construction--all designed and tested by Tyler Bledsoe and ready for your shreddy.
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Irregular Magazine - 3 X 1 Jonas Rosenbauer

David Sanchez's "ConsoliDavid" Part

Madars Apse - Barcelona | It's A Mad World - Ep16

EX&HOP Spine Contest presented by Relentless & Jever Fun

Wes Kremer's "Extra Crusty By Nature" Part
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Bones Wheels - Alex Mizurov Lost Part 2014

Lites Trucks - Lites en France Tour 2014 | Part Two
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Lites Trucks - Lites en France Tour 2014 | Part One

Yoshi Wins Damn Am NYC 2014 - SPoT Life

Damn Am New York - SPoT Life

Dustin Dollin Gets Hit by Car Classic Skateboard Slams #99

Christoper Chann - 10 Ways To Pick Up Your Skateboard


Bones Wheels - Welcome to the team Silvester Eduardo

We are 1031 Skateboards

Spic Films - Antwuan Dixon

Maurice Jordan 2014 Street Part
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Tum Yeto Pocket Cam #24 feat. Taylor Smith, Jeremy Leabres, Blake Carpenter and the Bros.

Switch Flip Backside Tailslide Switch Varial Flip Out !?! - Danny Carvalho

Converse - Manhattan Days A film by Pontus Alv

Kayo - Skate Wonka - Vol. 1 (DGK, Gold Wheels, etc.)
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Mike Mo Capaldi & Big Cat! Rhino Rides, Kid Rock & Mom Mo! Weekend Buzz ep. 93 pt. 2

Issue #001 featuring Ishod Wair, Lil Wayne, Nyjah Huston, and more!

Natural Koncept High Class Creepin tour - MILK part 2
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Percy Junior Wins Drop Dead Contest 2014 Curitiba Brazil

Jereme Rogers tells Jail Stories

Street League - Super Crown World Champ Nyjah Huston

HEAD SMACK! Skateboarding Slam - Manny Herrera

Flip Skateboards - Curren Caples Flip 3 Remix
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Thunder Trucks - Neen Williams Thunder Trucks Parks & Wreck

WTF!! Jorge Simoes MACBA NBD
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Manny Santiago - Manny Santiago Dew Tour Brooklyn 2014

Gershon Mosley/The oBtuseconcept presents-oBcession commercial 4

Satori Wheels - Mondaze Montage

Network A - Dew Tour Brooklyn Skate Edit w/ dose.
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INSTABLAST! Heavy Rooftop SLAMS !?! David Gonzalez , 17ft BS Air! Fire Pool Ripping!!
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Holiday Skateboards: Mile High Holiday Teaser

Lites Trucks - Lites en France Tour 2014 | Trailer
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Almost Skateboards - Haslam Mini Ramp Tech & Cooper's 5 1/2 Remix
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Street League - Nyjah is In

Andrew Reynolds: Emerica x Zumiez

41 Years Later - Long Live Southbank

Theeve Trucks - Dave Wallace

Zoo York - Chaz warming up for the Brooklyn Dew Tour

Ana Cheri for Primitive Apparel

Bones Wheels - Alex Mizurov Lost Part Teaser
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Marisa Tomei Has Become A Skateboard

The Boardr - Trevor Colden Wins Dew Tour Streetstyle Brooklyn
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City Stackin in Wien

L-Pav - COS Cup 2014 Kassel Best Trick

Scott Stevens skate part '14 "NO COUNTRY FOR BAD BURKE"
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Aaron Herrington "Static IV" Offical Part Full Quality
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COS Cup Bowl 2014 Kassel supported by Titus
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Kill Tapes: 24 Hours in Vegas with Lizard King

Welcome Skateboards - Marky goes to Europe
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Gentsch's Eyes - Red Bull Offsprings 2014 in Köln

L-Pav - Wie bekomme ich einen Skateboard Sponsor?

Jason Park's "Hometown" Part
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adidas Skateboarding New Stripes - New AMs

Out of Focus #30 Sewa Kroetkov Pro

The NHS Research and Development Lab

Shredit Cards - Player #136 Angel Aparicio
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Pivot Skate Mag presenta: Miami Bass Video - Christian Elizondo y Nicolas Ferrando

Active - Primitive Skateboards Park Crashers
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Paul Rodriguez Dew Tour 2014 Clips

A Day with the Homies - Fuck McDonalds

Primitive Skateboards - Paul Rodriguez Dew Tour 2014 Warm Up
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Joey O'Brien "Framework" Raw Footage

KOs - Skateboardingchaos from Münster 5 by Krasse

100% Whulla - Fabi Michel

Roman Lisivka Barcelona 2014

Blog214 New York
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