Krasse - OVER DECADES - 30 Years Of Skateboarding

"Skateboarding and time - why is he still playing with it!?"

Daniel "Krasse" Krassowski is a skateboarder from Münster, Germany.
He survived 30 years of skateboarding and saw many things to come and go.
Now at the age of 41 he is still hungry and can´t stop it.

We started this project end of summer 2016. Daniel is an old friend and I asked him if he is motivated for a relaxed filmsession. We had no real plan what do, so we cruised around Münster and filmed what came to our mind. There were more sessions like that what led us to this result in the end.

"As the dinosaurs always said: I am what I am...until the apocalypse...and at a pinch I become a bird."

Sandstorm Woman by Sleepy Sun
Album: Fever
Web: //


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Brandon Biebel AMFD #2 | Full Part
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The Great Cinnabon Debate | THE NINE REWIND

Tampa Pro 2017: Independent Best Trick – Shane O’Neill, Tyshawn Jones, Tommy Fynn – SPoT Life
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Titus - Flo Westers – Hometown Skatevideo-Part: Emsdetten
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Locals Ripping with Style in "Location" - South African Skate Scene

OJ Wheels - Fresh Blend: Pat Duffy

Ryan Lay's Welcome Wear Test


Omar Hassan's "The Blockhead Years" Video

Titus Frankfurt | Milan Hruska | Welcome to the Team

Jordan Hoffart World Record 100ft Lipslide
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Skate Rock: Mexico Part 1

Atlantic Drift - Episode 2 - St Paul’s (UK)
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Santa Cruz Skateboards - Blake Johnson Raw Clip - Wall Tapper | Right To Exist

Tampa Pro 2017: Finals – Louie Lopez, Luan Oliveira, Torey Pudwill – SPoT Life
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Tampa Pro 2017: Qualifiers – Lizard King, Blake Johnson, Cory Kennedy – SPoT Life
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Carlos Cardenosa's "Sucubo" Part

Juan Virues' "Sucubo" Part

Red Bull - Chris Russell Gears up for the 2017 Vans Park Series 2017

Tampa Pro 2017: Practice – Evan Smith, Ryan Sheckler, Carlos Iqui – SPoT Life
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Justin Eldridge & Chris Roberts - Chocolate Chip
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TK for 24/7

Macba Life - #MacbaVX1000 6 Mario Cano Nights


Jordan Sharkey - Mag Minute

Alex Olson LES Skatepark NY

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Jump San Diego

CALLE INFERNAL - Sebastian Gonzalez Part

Camp Woodward Season 8 - EP8: Spontaneous Little Man

OJ Wheels - Cruisin' with Willis Kimbel
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