Nike SB (Danish) - Hjaltefar goes to China Episode 3

Episode 3. Featuring the Danish Nike SB team, Hjalte Halberg, Anton Juul, Nis Andersen, Morten Bech during a ten day stay in Shanghai, China. Filmed in October 2011. Additional appearance by Danijel Stankovic, Nils Svensson, Henrik Svan, Charles Lanceplaine and Luypa Sin.

Filmed, edited and directed by Martin Ottosson.
Additional camera by Danijel Stankovic, Charles Lanceplaine and Nis Andersen.
Music by Dr Higgins and Testbild.

Thanks to Nike SB, Charles Lanceplaine, Henrik Svan, Eric Lai, Stephen Khou, Johnny Tang, Douglas Holmquist and Kristofer Ström.

Produced by Defekt and Varelsen.
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Nike SB, China


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