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Octavio has been skating ton's in between going to Uni, working on his wheel company Tangram and launching is own bar with his friends in Barcelona. It's called Stereo Bar and you can expect great music there.
Eintrag am: 06.03.2012 21:04 Uhr
Hosting by: http://vimeo.com
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Wochenende in Cagliari, Sardinien

Timmo König für Eichel 2014

FiringLine Cody Mcentire

Na7 skateboarding presents Ignacio Morata 2015

Street League 2015 - Downtown to the Diamond Park with Trevor Colden
Download Empfehlung:

Dolan Stearns is a "Sorry Entertainer"
Download Empfehlung:

Enjoi Tummy Sticks

NYSKateboarding - Exclusive Interview with Gino Iannucci & Jason Dill - Part 1

El Gato Classic - Eddie "El Gato" Elguera, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi & More

Winterdays - Canon XF100 Mixclip (Münster)

Club Bangers 2 (Kanada, Vancouver, etc.)

Blind Skateboards - Yuri Facchini "X2 Vision" Full Part - Blind Damn Sundays
Download Empfehlung:

Collapse Skateboards - L.A Leftovers avec mATt dEBAUCHé

Manny Santiago - Slay Sunday Wes Reeves

Darkstar Skateboards - Armageddon Series
Download Empfehlung:

Van Wastell (RIP) 3 Up 3 Down S.F. All Released Footage

Made in Brazil 2

Welcome to VOX - Victor Garibay

Michael Tang D.R.E.A.M. Part (D.R.E.A.M. OUT NOW!)

Pixels RAW - Dom Henry for Independent Trucks
Download Empfehlung:

PASSIONate - Chris Joslin Part part

PASSIONate - Blacks Why Part part

Michael Mackrodt's "Fishing Line Paris" part
Download Empfehlung:

kelvin hoefler tampa pro 2014 qualifier run

Sugar Skateboards - Nate Principato Viva La Sugar Part

Nothing To Declare - Stefan Janoski, Matt Berger & Many More Skating Hong Kong & The Philippines
Download Empfehlung:

Tony Hawk Films 11-Year-Old Evan Doherty Skateboarding

Tarik Ungewitter BesselKrink 2014

Depart to arrive - Short Film by Kevin Miles (english subtitles)

Venture Trucks - From LA to the Bay


La Capsule Magenta - France Jam 1
Download Empfehlung:

Network A - Theotis Beasley Skate Dreams Feat. Keelan Dadd and Aramis Hudson Ep. 1

Spendenaktion für Skatepark Augsburg Inningen

11 Year Old Can Kickflip Crook
Download Empfehlung:

Cole Wilson: Intro to Foundation Skateboards

Front Shuv Nose Grind Nollie Lazer Out

LES Corts Skatepark Barcelona Konami

Willie Ammons Welcome To Holistic Skateshop Part

Toy Machine - Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Billy Marks Demo in Pamona

2015 Girls Combi Contest - Lizzie Armanto, Alana Smith, Allyssa Bergado

Network A - Theotis Beasley On Finding The Next Mountain Dew Teamrider

The Diamond Plaza with Bastien Salabanzi
Download Empfehlung:

Leticia Bufoni #SKATELIFE | Visitando Brisas

King of Kona - KONA skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida

Wanderers of the Wasteland

Hugo Lagunaz - Who The VOX!?
Download Empfehlung:

Satori Wheels - Los Angeles

Max Geronzi "Excuse my french" outtakes

Miniramp w/ Madars Apse

Shredit Cards - Player #148 Smith Varner
Download Empfehlung:

Mathieu Dupuy The One The Battrios Skateboards

Flatspot Magazine - Fries Taillieu & Shajen Willems In Pier 15
Download Empfehlung:

Brizen Flat with Rafael França

Soma Fire Sesh
Download Empfehlung:

Joey Brezinski's Holiday Madness

Gabriel In The Dreamscape // Introduction

Eswic Presents Bryce Kanights "Decades Deep"

Bo Reid's "Theatrix" Part
Download Empfehlung:

Double Rock: Sam Beckett

Madars Apse - 'Make It Count' Finals - California | It's A Mad World - Ep 22

Leser Video: Ghettoland Edit 2014 (Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt)

Stereo Skateboards - Stereophonic Sound: Volume 24 - Welcome Kevin Love

A Guide to Cracks & Curbs: London

Woodward West Skateboarding at Winter Camp 2014

Irregular Magazine - 3 X 1 Moritz Bacher

Bombaklats X Pier 15 Breda Skatepark

Flatspot Magazine - Nassim Guammaz & Shajen Willems in Pier 15 Skatepark Breda
Download Empfehlung:

Instore Session | Titus Berlin Zoopreme
Download Empfehlung:

Micky Papa & Mike Piwowar - SwitchMade at Vans


Small Wheels Park Crashers
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Dolan Stearns is a "Sorry Entertainer"

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Yuri Facchini "X2 Vision" Full Part - Blind Damn Sundays

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