Alien Workshop Dylan Rieder Video Porträt – Habitat verliert AM an deutsche Firma

24. November 2012   10:55  -  Johannes Gausepohl


Das Desillusion Magazine hat mit Alien Workshop undAnalog zusammen ein Video Porträt von Dylan Rieder produziert. Für Fans sicher ein Leckerbissen.

In weiteren DNA News gibt es noch die Info, dass Habitat Footwear den Pro Fahrer Mark Suciu verloren hat (Nachtrag! Mark hat noch immer Amateurstatus!!!). Angeblich soll Mark einen Vertrag bei Adidas unterschrieben haben. Weiterhin wird Mark von Habitat Skateboards und Thunder Trucks gesponsert.

Desillusion magazine, supported by ANALOG and ALIEN WORKSHOP are proud to present their latest video This is Dylan“, a video portrait that pays tribute to the stylish Californian skateboarder , Dylan Rieder.

At only 24, Dylan’s name is already well engraved in the history of skateboarding, thanks to his style, his personality and his incredible gift; that of skating fast and skating well.The skateboard mag voted him as 2006’s years best am award, but since then he turned pro, came out with an insane part in Mind Field, and has been blowing minds with his steezy tricks all across the world. After a rather tormented period, where he tasted the dark side of street life, and where he found himself literally catapulted to the front of the scene, Dylan got back up again,brushed himself off and with incredible maturity, imposed his own style, a style which quickly turned him into an icon for an entire generation of skateboarders.
With the extremely stylish Jason Dill for mentor, and Mark Oblow as a teacher, nothing seems to be able to resist the boy. Design, fashion, skateboarding, everything he touches seems to turn to gold, a privilege which has allowed him to stay true to himself and to his beliefs, whatever the cost, giving him the priceless freedom of being able to simply say ’no‘. Interviews, huge contracts, photoshoots, Dylan takes care of every part of his career, of his image, his lifestyle, making him one of the most atypical skaters of the new generation.

Quiet, discrete, with an irresistible aura that characterizes the legends of our subculture,“This is Dylan“ is a total immersion in his everyday life, a celebration of raw counter culture: when aesthetics and style become much more than just a clever marketing strategy to seduce the largest number of kids, when the sun and streets of California come together to give us their utmost best.

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