Clips of the Week – Cory Kennedy, Jonny Giger, Fabian Surber, Paul Rodriguez, Chaz Ortiz, Moose,

14. September 2014   16:55  -  Johannes Gausepohl


 Clips of the Week mit Cory Kennedy, Jonny Giger, Fabian Surber,Paul Rodriguez, Marquise Henry, Moose, Chaz Ortiz, TJ Rogers, Ronson Lambert, Kerry Getz, Greg Lutzka, … .

Foto by: The Boardr – Jereme Knibbs Welcome to The Boardr Team

Leser Video: HUGKRU – Cruisin through Berlin

Derek Elmendorf – Esides

Nocturnal Skateshop Philly – Kerry’s Backyard Mini Ramp
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Kicker Game Day Big Air Bash 2014

Aaron Kim Progress Part
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Foundation Skateboards – Secret Society Andrew Wenckstern

Kenya Skateboarding Documentary PART I: "FIRST SKATESESSION"

Jonny Giger – All Four – Bigger Flip

Teaser for skate short film "Epic night in the Skatehalle-OS" by Stephan Fröhlich

Skateboarding is Fun! Jonny Giger & Alexander Rademaker
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Through Streets Of Belgrade (10 min.)

PASSIONate – Florian Erkinger part

New Delhi, India
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Bru Ray’s "Relapse Of Luxury" Part 4
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White Glove "Skatepark in Heaven" with John Rattray

Fabian Surber Part 2014
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Paul Rodriguez: The Route One Interview Pt.2

INSTABLAST! 33 Stair Curved Rail 5050!?!! Steezy Switch Heelflip! Brad McClain Pool Ripping!

FKD Bearings – Ronson Lambert and Spencer Brown

DGK Skateboards – Marquise Henry Blood Money Extras

MUNICH BE(A)ST TOUR 2014 – 4. Stopp Neuried
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Playboy Playmates Skate The Pink Motel
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Almost Skateboards – Almost #InstaMix – Almost Famous Ep. 19

Nollie Shuv Front Feeble HARDFLIP OUT!!! – Addie Fridy
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Gatorade Visit with Chaz Ortiz and Friends

Moose Live And Die in LA – Shake Junt

GoPro – Skate China With Chris Cole, Mikey Taylor & Friends

Fourstar Clothing – Day in the Life with Cory Kennedy
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Schuyler Ricketts – Backside 180 Davis Gap!!! – Full VX Part
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Laser Flip Rock n Roll to Fakie

Magenta Skateboards – Crossing the PERTH Dimension
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The Boardr – Jereme Knibbs Welcome to The Boardr Team
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RVCA – Greyson Fletcher | Welcome to the Team

Kayo Fam @ Active Burbank!

Shredit Cards – Player #135 Phillip Freegard
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Blaze Supply and Honey Pot Wheels Barcelona leftovers

Cliche Skateboards – Cliché: The Route One Mini Ramp Sesh

Best Of Antwerp Street Kicks 2014 (Skateboarding)

Theeve Trucks – Welcome Will Gabourel

Blind Skateboards – TJ Rogers at Santa Ana Park – Blind Dam