Clips of the Week (44x Stück)

30. August 2015   10:55  -  Johannes Gausepohl


Die Clips der Woche im Überblick.
Foto by: INSTABLAST! – One Footed Fs Crook Tailgrab To Fakie!?!! Gnarly Feeble to 5050! Nasty Switch Heels!

Skateboarding in Harlem NYC
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Element Skateboards – Make It Count 2015 GLOBAL FINALS

INSTABLAST! – One Footed Fs Crook Tailgrab To Fakie!?!! Gnarly Feeble to 5050! Nasty Switch Heels!

Red Bull: Ryan Sheckler – Sheckler Sessions – Sheck-less in Sydney – S4E2
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Chris Chann Force Wheels

Yannick Menzel, David Köbler, Luca Breu und Nicollo in Barcelona | Titus Mannheim
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Kessel Cup 2015 Bielefeld

Woodward Skate Camp – Organika Week at Woodward Tahoe

Expedition-One – Pants Crisis Ryan Gallant

Manny Santiago Tensor Truck Lines 2

Ty Evans: The Route One Skype Interview – Part One

JENKEM – Angel Cardenas Full Part

Cesar Fernandez "EXHIBIT" Part on RIDE!

Norman Wirtz Skates Cologne, Germany – A to B
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Simon Isaksson – The Sour Solution // PART (2/13)
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Salut Skateboards – Team Meeting Frankfurt May 2015

Skate Aid – Siegen 2015 Video

Build a cherry bowl (kein Bock auf Beton)

Bob Burnquist #SKATELIFE | Sessãozinha de Vert

Cliche Skateboards – Cliché skateboards Bon Voyage Bonus

Tony Hawk’s First Skateboard – First Things First

Sebo Walker: Van Life Tee for Independent Trucks
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Daan van der Linden Instagram Compilation (@skankiee)
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Zoo York – Ron Deily: Under the Hudson, New York

Matthias Wieschermann fully blinded Trailer
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Shredit Cards – OH SNAP! Player #159 Jalen Willis
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TWS – Offcuts Julian Davidson
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Street League – New Jersey Practice

Street League – Interview: Luan Oliveira wins second SLS in a row – SLS Stop Two: New Jersey

Street League – Luan Olivera’s insane 9.5 combination seals the win – SLS Stop Two: New Jersey Highl

Street League – Luan Oliveira’s full 9.1 run – SLS Stop Two: New Jersey Highlights
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Street League – Matt Berger Best Trick Winner
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Chris Ray: Guy Mariano Line

LA Fayette Skate Plaza Montage

Spot the Spot 2015 Trailer | Antwerpen

Homies @ Ellesmere – ft. morgan smith, wade desarmo, ronan mcgee, koty brown, mortal & kevin tio

AHEAD – Scotland – A project series by Daniel Mildner and Dennis Götz

TWS – Video Check Out: Mikey Curtis x Cody Chapman

Tony Tave & Justin Schulte Interview: Chomp on This, Berrics, Origins of Grizzly! Weekend Buzz ep. 1

Bru-Ray: Basque Country Yardsale

Titus – SUICIDAL TENDENCIES x Titus Collaboration Commercial

Street League – New York State of Mind
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Thunder Trucks – Dennis Durrant Parks & Wreck

Street League – Nyjah? Luan? Who’s Got New Jersey?