Thank You Skateboards pro Torey Pudwill talks openly about his narcolepsy – sleeping sickness

24. März 2021   08:26  -  Johannes Gausepohl


Thank You Skateboards boss and pro rider Torey Pudwill spoke openly this week about his neurological disease, narcolepsy, sleeping sickness.

What sounds harmless is a great burden for those affected. Otherwise perfectly healthy people get sleep attacks in broad daylight. You suddenly fall asleep while talking, eating, at your desk and in the subway without warning.

T-Puds (Thank You Skateboards, Grizzly Griptape) would like to encourage everyone else concerned. You are not alone! He is one of the 142,000+ patients and no one should be ashamed of narcolepsy:

Grateful for the opportunity to remind others living with narcolepsy that we’re in this together, and that small, simple habits can have a big impact on our overall health. Grateful for resources dedicated to helping those of us with narcolepsy take control, especially when it comes to our heart health and other conditions we may be vulnerable to.

In order to better inform people about the topic, Pudwill answered the questions from the Bleacher Report. The result is this interview in which Torey and NFL star player John Kelly talk about his love for skateboarding and narcolepsy.

The Grizzly Griptape rider and owner asks anyone who wants to know more about the subject to visit

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