Convid-19 in Great Britain: Road map out of National Lockdown for Skateboarding

25. März 2021   12:43  -  Johannes Gausepohl


While EU citizens like me are doomed when it’s about the convid-19 vaccines, british people can celebrate. And british skateboarders, too!

How does the roadmap out of lockdown apply to skateboarding? SkateboardGB worked with the Government and public health officials to provide information for the British skateboarding community:

STEP 1 – 29 March onwards
Outdoor skateparks can open;
– Any buildings/rooms at outdoor skateparks must remain closed apart from toilets;
– Indoor skateparks to remain closed;
– Rule of 6 or two households applies to adults and U18 for outdoor skateboarding;
– No limit on numbers for organised coaching sessions involving U18 skateboarders;
– Outdoor 1-2-1 skateboarding coaching is permitted for adults & U18’s.

STEP 2 – No earlier than 12 April
– Indoor skateparks can open; must adhere to previous protocols for cleaning, venue capacity and ventilation;
– Adult activity in indoor skateparks permitted for individuals or own household only – no organised group skateboarding for adults;
– U18 organised coaching sessions permitted;
– Adults bringing children to sessions must not stay in the venue during the sessions
– Indoor 1-2-1 skateboard coaching permitted for adults & U18’s.

STEP 3 – No earlier than 17 May
– Adult organised group skateboarding allowed at indoor skateparks;
– Rule of 6 or two households for informal indoor adult skateboarding;
– Overnight stays permitted.

STEP 4 – No earlier than 21 June
No legal limits on indoor or outdoor skateboarding at skateparks;
– No restrictions for skateboarding competitions or events.

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