Skater XL: Consoles – and PC player together in Multiplayer – Crossplay for everyone

12. April 2021   12:42  -  Johannes Gausepohl


If you play Skater XL on a console or a pc and your best buddy uses a different platform, this one is for you: Multiplayer with Crossplay.

Multiplayer Free Skate is our first step in opening up social modes in the game and allows skating with up to 10 people in random public or private rooms plus the ability to record and edit party lines with multiple players in the replay editor.

From the beginning of our development, we have always envisioned Skater XL as a sandbox style platform for creative expression and social interaction. Our support and facilitation of player created mod content was one step in this direction, with the next logical step being the creation of a multiplayer system.

After a lot of work designing and refining the base for the multiplayer system our internal testing has shown the gameplay to be very smooth, lag free and a whole lot of fun. The ability to just kick back and skate with the homies is a much needed escape from the tumultuous times we might find ourselves in, and the ability to connect with other people and skate is more important than ever.

This is being released first as a beta on PC to ‘stress test’ the system and servers at scale with a large variety of users, see what unexpected unknowns we uncover, gather data and player feedback and further develop some of features with a large user base before rolling the basic Free Skate mode out cross-platform.

We hope you enjoy Free Skate with other players as much as we have in testing and look forward to your feedback and to the further evolution of multiplayer in Skater XL.