Horror slam from Lizzie Armanto on video – 9 Meter against the wall – 6 meters down to the ground

2. Mai 2021   13:05  -  Johannes Gausepohl


Vans pro rider Lizzie Armanto kept her violent horror crash a secret until May 12th. Only Tony Hawk made the slam in and against the Mega Ramp public.

(News). Before that, Lizzie gave him the „OK“ to say about her difficult day. The skateboarder wanted to talk about the slam in detail at a later date on the new Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis Show. So far it has not been as clear as exactly how Armanto fell. Hawk described how that happened back then, on October 26th, 2020, but it didn’t make you 100% smart.

With the 1-hour video interview „Hawk vs. Wolf – Lizzie Armanto on her Devastating Slam, the Path to Recovery, & Overcoming Adversity“ video footage of the fall is now shown …

The scenes are not pretty. You can see Lizzie brutally banging against the gap of the Mega Ramp and then hitting the ground another 6 meters straight down.

You have to describe the horror seconds so brutally, the woman had to take a lot. In the video below, the fall begins at 19:41 minutes.

Tony Hawk describes the slam as having TWO collisions with a car. Two car accidents in a row, that is how viewers would have to imagine the whole thing, it was so brutal. That day the Birdhouse Team, a photographer and her husband / Toy Machine Pro driver Axel Cruysberghs were there.

Immediately after the shock, the friends checked whether Lizzie could still move her fingers and toes to test whether she was paralyzed …

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