Vans Pro Lizzie Armanto 9 meter horror slam down the Mega Ramp

12. Mai 2021   12:18  -  Johannes Gausepohl


Independent Trucks team rider Lizzie Armanto took the worst fall of her skateboarding career! As Tony Hawk and Lizzie report, everyone involved has kept the accident secret to this day.

It was Armanto’s slam, so she should decide for herself if and when she wants to talk about this terrible day. And the time has come to talk about the horror fall …

The slam happened 6 months ago, on October 26th, 2020. Lizzie bailed over the Mega Ramp Gap and slammed 9 meters into the wall and then 6 meters onto the floor.

Tony Hawk describes the fall as total horror and the entire Birdhouse crew was shocked:

Her husband and most of the Birdhouse team were there to witness the trauma, and help as best they could in the chaotic aftermath. It was horrifying. We (the bystanders) have kept it all confidential because this was Lizzie’s story …

In the past few months, Lizzie has been able to recover from the trauma and recently took her first „steps“ on the skateboard again. How strong the injuries were, where exactly screws were screwed into the bones, the healing process and the slam, Armanto will tell in an interview with Hawk and Jason Ellis on May 24th (Hawk VS Wolf Podcast).

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