Rumors – Flip Skateboards Pro Tom Penny back on éS Footwear?

1. Juni 2021   13:01  -  Johannes Gausepohl


The Skate Sauce Chef has posted very interesting videos and photos of the living legend, Tom Penny, from France.

The photo material shows the Flip Skateboards Pro in the well-known, brown éS Footwear Accel shoes!

Tom Penny was one of the stars in the famous éS footwear team at the end of the 90s. Eric Koston, Arto Safari, Rick McCrank, Chad Muska and others were his teammates back then.

Tom back at éS? That would be something … but so far it’s all just a rumor, there are only the photos, but no official statement.

Maybe Penny just needed a couple of new sneakers and dusted off a couple of Accel on lukewarm, without a sponsor deal …

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