World Championship live from Rome – Livestream from Street Skateboarding World Championships 2021

3. Juni 2021   13:14  -  Johannes Gausepohl


After the Dew Tour in the USA, all the big names in the skateboarding scene traveled to Rome, Italy, for the “Street Skateboarding World Championships 2021”.

Nyjah Huston, Julia Brückler, Jake Illardi, Matt Berger, Dave Bachinsky, Maria Duhran and many others want to secure the final qualification points for the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

After this contest nobody can collect points for Tokyo anymore and after this street event it is finally clear which skateboarders will travel to Japan.

The event will take place in Rome between May 30th and June 6th 2021 and will be broadcast live in Europe by Red Bull (Link).

There will also be a webcast on

On June 4th, the streams start with the women’s semi-finals. The interesting finals of both sexes will take place on Sunday. The streams start every day from 12 noon. Check out the flyer.

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