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Am Samstag und Sonntag ging die Post unter den Brooklyn Banks, in NewYork City, ab. An zwei Tagen fanden zwei Contests statt, zudenen neben Amteurfahrern und Fans auch bekannte Pro Fahrer wie Stevie Willimas, Brandon Biebel, Rob Welsh, Tim O'Connor, Chico Brenes, Kenny Anderson und Jason Dill kamen.

Am Samstag ging der bekannte "Back to the banks" Contest über die Bühne.

Sonntags kamen dann die großen Pro Fahrer an die berühmte Brooklyn Brücke, um den Red Bull Manny Mania Contest zu erleben.

Wie der Bericht unten zeigt, war der Event ein riesen Erfolg. Na ja, was will man auch erwarten wenn Eric Koston und Steve Berra zu den Judges gehören. Am Ende gewann Joey Brezinski vor Brandon Biebel und Chico Brenes den Contest.

Im Anschluss alle Results und anschließend der Bericht vom Manny Mania Contest.

Back to the Banks Results:

Spine/ barrier

1. Dillon James
2. Chad Fernandez
3. jimmy McDonald
4. dude in a brown tee
5. Justin Figueroa

Bank to wall

1. Jimmy McDonald
2. Dustin Something
3. Robert Lopez Mont
4. Willy Aikers
5. Dude with the Mohawk and Osiris banana shoes

Bank Ledge

1. Figgy
2. Collin Provost
3. Aaaron Suski
4. Willy Aikers
5. Miles

Rail/ Stairs

1. Davis Torgensen
2. Doogie
3. Dillon James
4. Timmy Knuth
5. Mike Franklin

Red Bull Manny Mania Results:
1. Joey Brezinski
2. Brandon Biebel
3. Chico Brenes
4. Eli Reed
5. Malcom Watson
6. Kelly Hart
7. Stevie Williams
8. Sad
9. Danny Falla
10. Jason Dill
11. Daniel Lebron
12. Gary Smith
13. Jereme Rogers
14. Kenny Anderson
15. Dennis Busenitz
16. Jack Curtin
17. Tim O'Conner
18. Rodrigo Peterson
19. Rob Welsh
20. Jon Newport
21. Brian Wenning
22. Lenny Rivas
23. Bobby Worrest
24. Stefan Janoski
25. Richard Angelides

Red Bull Manny Mania Bericht:

August 17th 2008, On a bright beautiful day in New York City at Coleman Park: Red Bull Manny Maniatook place. These are the days in New York you pray for during a skatecontest, not hot or humid in the slightest, just great summer weather.Upon arrival the course is already being session'd heavily by somelocals and a couple professionals who are looking to get their warmupfirst.

mm_course.jpgThecourse is incredible, separated but connected into 4 sections. Startingat the far left is a half-foot curb high manny with flat square flatbarattached to the edge. Next to that is the foot high plain manny thatsstandard length perfect for flip-in, flip-out mannys. mm_judges.jpgFollowingnext was a unique manual, which is best described as a inverted mound,meant for holding manuals that roll in then roll out. Lastly is thepyramid manual, with attached euro-gap. This was probably the mostentertaining to watch, due to the fact that they launch off theeuro-gap to manual then have to hold it for the ride down too. All theramps were simple gray and very easy on the eyes. My thoughts were these skaters are gonna rip this thing to shreds!

mm_koston.jpgSolooking around I see some of the best skateboarders in the world suchas Eric Koston who is sweating up a storm trying a trick that isimpossible. Well I thought it was impossible until I watched him landit. That was a treat for the crowd, considering Koston wasn't enteringthe contest and only judging it. The list of judges were Eric Koston, Steve Berra, Rodney Torres and Dan Pensyl.

mm_stevie.jpgWithin moments if that wasn't enough, Stevie Williams rolls up quite non-chalontly and starts to warm up. The list goes on, Tim O'Conner, Brandon Beibel, Rob Welsh, Stephan Janoski and Brian Wenning just to name a few.

Prelims were a blur with tons of tech wizardry, every variation of flip in or out of nose, fakie, switch or regular manual. mm_panganddave.jpgThe announcers were of New York fame; Jeff Pang known from old Shut and Zoo Skateboard days, and Dave known from his boutique shop DQM (Dave's Quality Meats) on the wheels of steel was D.J. Dante Ross. Between all of them they kept us all entertained which random quips, jokes and loud music.

mm_beibkennyandhart.jpgNotable skaters that were quite entertaining were: Kenny Andersoncruised around with a bundle of great manual trickery. He does trickssoo stylish that even the ones he doesn't land look good.

mm_bustnitz.jpgDennis Buzenitswas blazing manuals and grinds faster then most skateboarders feelcomfortable with which makes him more enticing to watch. Kickflipbackside nosegrinds across the foot high box ledge and an amazingbackside 180 fakie5.0 the entire box ledge, showed the crowd that thistrick was just the start of a great event.

mm_dill.jpgJason Dillsporting a bit smaller sweatshirt then normal was also milling aroundand maybe I am bias, but have always enjoyed watching hissemi-eccentric skateboarding, watch the footage to provide a storybetter then I can describe.

I don't envy the judges, because deciding who made the semi-finals was a unfathomable task in itself. mm_malcom2.jpgButit had to be done, and the semi-final 8 entries plus the 1 wildcardwere: Stevie Williams, Danny Falla, Joey Brezinski, Eli Reed, KellyHart (as the wildcard) S.A.D, Malcom Watson, Chico Brenes and Brandon Beibel.

With everyone going for it, not everyone could make the finals, so this is the rundown of skaters:

mm_falla.jpgDanny Falla (the newest rookie pro to 5boro) skated well but it wasn't enough to make the finals, he was awarded 9th place.

Coming out of the woodwork S.A.D (aresident of Los Angeles) hasn't really been seen much in the recentskate events. He skated smoothly, which only leads me to believe heskates daily in LA. SAD hit 8th place.

DGK professional skateboarder Stevie Williams completely shredded the prelims, but lost some momentum in the semi's which bumped him down to 7th place.

mm_hart.jpgAs the wildcard, Kelly Hart was happy to be chosen. "I was super surprised and excited to even be in the Semi-Finals," He commented. He skated nicely and was given 6th place.

Mr. Malcom Watson the new World Industries Pro has alwaysbeen top-notch at skating manuals and is probably the nicest guy inskateboarding, so it's no surprise he made the semifinals. He did abackside kickflip to fakie manual, which was a crowd favorite, butunfortunately it wasn't enough to make the finals. 5th place.

mm_elireed.jpgEli Reedwhich was entered last year as a default for Zered Bassett (who washurt) was entered for the 2008 Manny Mania. Overhearing comments fromspectators, it sounded like he should have been in the finals. Histrick selection was elite and his skateboarding was perfect. Backslidelip to manual, plus numerous other tricks got him the spot right underthe finals: 4th place. Again the judges have a tough job on their hands, so as always it's up for criticism.

The Finals:

Now at about 7pm, the sun had gone down and there was a nice mellowglow from the dusk. After about 15 mins of practice the announcersallowed 8 mins of all out manual battle between the final 3: Chico Brenes, Brandon Beibel and Joey Brezinski were the cream of the crop.

mm_chico.jpgChico skated solid as ever doing frontside bigspin to switch manual's on cue with his ever so trademarked "Chico" style. Brandon and Joeykept the views pumped and landed tricks back to back to back. I don'tthink either skater ever worked on a trick longer then a couple triesbefore landing it, which kept upping the par for each skater.

mm_biebel.jpgBrandon landed his nollie halfcab heelflip to switch nosemanual 180 which caused the crowd to cheer, then Joey would half-cab manual to frontside board on the flatbar, then the crowd roared. Beibel fought back with variations such as switch heelflip to fakie manuals and nose manual nollie flip out. Joey combated those landing inward heelflip manual on the slant manual and backside heelflip to switch manual 180. Seriously it was nonstop.

mm_joeylastrun.jpgAfter 8 minutes of grueling manual balance and consistent tricks from all 3 skateboarders the time was up. Who was going to be the winning victor? Returning competitor Chico Brenes? Brandon Beibel with hopes to top his last years 2nd place victory? Or would it be last years Red Bull Manny Mania Venice Beach champ from Los Angeles Joey Brezinski? Winner takes $10,000 dollars and a Red Bull Manny Mania Crown until next year.

mm_winners.jpgAfter a tedious judging process and meticulous calculations Joey Brezinski stood alone as the Red Bull Manny Mania 2008 champion, now $10,000 dollars richer! "After seven hours of skating, my legs are done" commented Joey who had a big part in the idea of this event. "Iam just happy everyone came together to make this happen; thanks to RedBull, thanks to New York and most of all, thanks to all the skaters."

Red Bull Manny Mania New York 2008 was a complete success. Thanks toall that had partaken in this event. We welcome all to come back nextyear.

Red Bull Manny Mania

Back to the Banks Videos

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