The OJ x Habitat Family Project: Marius, Fred, Al and Dela

14. Februar 2017   08:30  -  Johannes Gausepohl

OJ Wheels is proud to release the Family wheel with Habitat Skateboards. The Family Wheel is a friendly collaborative effort between two brands and our shared riders. Here’s a mixtape of Al, DeLa, Fred, and Marius ripping around the globe. #FuckWithTheJuice…

Get the wheels here: http://bit.ly/HabitatFamily

Filmed by Brennan Conroy (@privateidaho) and Andrew Petillo (@njscum).

Editing and motion graphics by Joe Perrin (@thekillatapes) as an homage to Joe Catrucci (@joesphcastrucci), thanks for the years of inspiration Joe!

#FuckWithTheJuice / OJWheels.com

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