DC at the Landhausplatz (dir. Martin Venier, 2013).

1. Juni 2017   11:41  -  Johannes Gausepohl

DC riders Christopher Scherscher, Tobias Trautmann and Luc Paulus exploit the skate-friendly urban design of Landhausplatz public square, Innsbruck, Austria.

This clip is part of a 100 video playlist, linked by QR codes in Iain Borden „Skateboarding and the City: a Complete History“ (Bloomsbury, 2019), the definitive book on classic and contemporary skateboarding.

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‘This book holds the comprehensive evolution of getting radical. How, when, why, and who, told with a genuine passion for the art of skateboarding. Borden continues to be the scribe of skateboarding’s history, perceptively documenting skate culture’s influences on wider society.’
Oliver Percovich, Founder of Skateistan

‘Borden’s work is as varied and bedazzling as the most expert of skaters. He addresses skateboarding’s romantic, subcultural past through its global, social, and political present. Throughout, his voice is readable and approachable, a fine balance of the committed academic and beguiled practitioner. The result is nothing short of indispensable.’
Kyle Beachy, Associate Professor, Roosevelt University