Element Skateboards – INNERVISION Japan – Mason Silva, Evan Smith und Sascha Daley (ab 6:19)

5. Dezember 2017   15:30  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Für die Element Skateboards INNERVISION Boardserie und Ausstellung flogen Mason Silva, Evan Smith und Sascha Daley nach Japan! Die Skate Footage startet ab Minute 6:19 !

​“From the magnificent mind and hand of BB Bastidas, comes INNERVISION.

As opposed to traditional product collaborations that often focus on the artist, creative process, or finished product, the idea behind INNERVISION is to capture a new perspective between the artist and the brand, by creating a unique dialogue that opens the campaign up to more than just skateboarders and invites the viewer to join in on the creative process.

Accompanied by Element team riders, Mason Silva, Evan Smith, and Sascha Daley, BB traveled to Japan for the global premier of the INNERVISION deck series and to host the INNERVISION art show featuring collaborative works from himself and Hiroyuki Uemera.

The deck series features art for the spirit animals of Mason Silva and Sascha Daley, along with a Wolfpack team edition.

When not spreading his good energy across the world, BB Bastidas resides in Oceanside, CA where he paints, crafts, skates and creates.“

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