Video Check Out: Mikey Santillan | TransWorld SKATEboarding

6. Februar 2018   10:00  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Age: 25
Home: Kansas City, Missouri
Sponsors: Converse, Escapist, Duck Season, Ashbury

New Year’s Resolution: Get a New Year’s resolution.
Newest music in your iPhone: Gary Clark Jr.
Next skate trip: New Zealand.
Video of the year: #newvid.
Recommended reading: The Four Agreements.
Trick you need to learn: Nollie.
Best style: Kenny Anderson.
Biggest fear: Complacency.

A lot of kids are good, but Mikey Santillan is great—at pretty much everything. Skateboarding, photography, sobriety, the internet, but most importantly girls. It’s hard to argue with his good looks, but it’s even harder to argue with his personality which makes it so enjoyable to be around him. He’s super nice, talented, and has a lot of heart. I’ve seen him take multiple slams that would have ruined most people’s week but somehow he gets up unfazed. Mikey’s the complete package, making everyone from Kansas City proud.—Sean Malto

Follow Mikey: @mikeysantillan