Who’s The Boss – EP9 – Camp Woodward Season 9

6. März 2018   05:00  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Camp Woodward Season 9 – Episode 8
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In Episode 9, the boys skate the Lo 8 bowl during instruction, Gavo and Lazer step it up on Mini Mega and Roman skates The Plaza with pro skaters Jordan Maxham, Jamie Foy and Taylor Kirby. Later on, Andrew Reynolds arrives at camp with Kader Sylla and his daughter Stella.

About CWS9

Season 9 of Camp Woodward follows three up-and-coming skateboarders as they spend two weeks at the world’s only camp destination for action sports, digital media, and cheerleading. With dreams of one day turning pro, these aspiring athletes get an opportunity to live alongside the biggest names in action sports and experience a summer they will never forget. Real kids, an unreal summer.

Featuring: Gavin Bottger, Roman Hager and Lazer Crawford

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