SHOTGUN | BEAT FEET | Philipp Gürtler

4. Juli 2018   20:00  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Movie crafted by Felix Löchel & Stefan „Fieby“ Fiedler
Full-Movie: www.vimeo.com/257455183

It’s gonna be time for a new SHOTGUN Skateboardmovie! We filmed a couple of years for this project „BEAT FEET“ at spots like Ravensburg, Berlin, Freiburg, Sarajevo, Riga, Stuttgart, Munich and a lot of local places around Lake of Constance!
Feel the vibes of the SHOTGUN CREW and enjoy this movie with a cold beer in your right and a slice of pizza in your left!
Thanks to anyone, who make this piece of fun possible!

Song: The Smiths – What difference does it make
We do not own any rights of the music, this is a non-commecial project.

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