Video Check Out: Kyle Walsh

14. September 2018   10:12  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Age: 21
Home: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Sponsors: Dogwood Skate shop

Am who should be pro: Corey Glick.
Best Style: Tyson Peterson.
Video you can’t wait to see: HDeepfried.
Recommended reading: I don’t read often unless skate mags count.
Fashion don’t: Rolled up condom beanie.
Dream sponsor: toy machine skateboards.
First skate video you ever saw: Osiris, Feed the Need.
First pro you ever met: Billy Marks, he was playing ceelo in the euro gap at Woodward camp.

Kyle can do things most cannot. He showed up at my house after grinding a massive triple-kink rail, straight to taking down a three-hour Jesus talk with a Bible Belt babe in Dirty’s after hours. Kyle’s a hero.—Clint Walker
Video: Austin Leleu, Nick Benton, Bobby Bills, Trevor Owens
Photo: Alex Papke