Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 – First Look!

10. Februar 2019   16:00  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 – First Look!


Alright what’s going on guys it’s Trev back again here to bring you another video. In this one I will be giving my thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 and we’ll be taking a first look at the pictures we have for this upcoming season.

Oh man, Dwight in Fear the Walking Dead! This is Very cool!

Man, this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Remember everyone, we may eventually see the Fear Group cross back over into the original walking dead, don’t count it out. The Walking Dead eventually may have no choice but to re-merge the shows. So we’ll see what happens but I could definitely see that in about 2 years.

What do you guys think about Dwight crossing over at this point? Are you looking forward to this season of Fear?

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