Tony Hawk hat seiner Tochter den Drop In beigebracht

27. Februar 2019   00:39  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Nach Riley Hawk nun der nächste Hawk auf dem Rollbrett? Tony Hawk hat am Wochenende in seinem „Büro“ seiner kleinen Tochter den Drop-In beigebracht.

My daughter has been learning to skate on her own recently, and decided she wanted to finally drop in on our mini setup at my office over the weekend. Her biggest challenges were overcoming her initial fear and tendency to lean towards wherever I was standing (in hopes of having me catch her). I finally stood in her path so that she would shift her weight correctly. My biggest challenge was trying to be supportive while letting her go on her own terms. I don’t remember my first drop in vividly, but I’ll never forget hers. I used a Solo cup as a tripod, so apologies for the lack of production value; I never imagined our little session would go viral.

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