Recycling – Skateboard hergestellt aus alten, gebrochenen Skateboards

21. März 2019   10:57  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Here it is, I’ve always wondered and you all wanted it so I made a skateboard out of broken skateboards!

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It all starts the same, degrip, sand off graphics and residues, chop into sections, trim the edges. Because I was using just broken skateboards, I had to stagger these pieces for the glue up. Having a square plywood frame will help for resawing.

Thanks to Laguna for coming by and doing a short video on Woby Design! Here’s the link for that video: https://youtu.be/amo_2BORcm8
Resawing is still scary for me and tough for me to get it dead on straight, nice, clean veneers. So I give myself extra room for error so I can always sand it down smooth with my drum sander. I also cut some veneers off camera to make those cross veneers.

The glue up worked surprisingly well! I don’t know why I decided to wrap it with clear wrap but good thing I did because it rained the next couple days! I let it sit in the press for 5-7 days, and then let it dry for another week.

Then it’s just cutting it to the final shape, rounding the edges, and finishing with lacquer.

So before I had my friend skate it for the B-Roll shots, I got to enjoy it for couple months riding around. I’m not much of a skater and I just know how to cruise around so it was perfect for me. It’s a shame that it’s now broken but it just means I need to make it better next time(which won’t be for a while so don’t even ask).

Thanks for watching and reading up to this far. You my true fan and I love you. I know some of you might think this is my friend’s fault for being the poser that he is, but I know this has nothing to do with his poor skating skills and it’s really all on me and this skateboard. So if you read up to this far, let’s make my friend smile a bit and comment, „Gnarly BURNSIDE flip!“

Thanks, love you xoxo