Poetic Collective, Quotes (Schweden in Gran Canaria)

27. März 2019   08:50  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Schweden im Januar? Keine gute Idee. Deswegen machten sich die nordischen Jungs auf den Weg nach Gran Canaria.

Sweden in January can be a pretty grey place. Actually it always is, life goes on repeat, wake up, work, go to the skatepark, eat, sleep and repeat. Swedes have a long tradition of escaping this by heading abroad, so we decided to follow this tradition. This time our teammate Santiago Sasson’s hometown of Paris wouldn’t cut it. It’s almost as grey there as in Sweden during January. So we opted for a classic option, Gran Canaria! The number one go-to spot for Swedish tourists during the last couple decades.

Gran Canaria is a beautiful place—sunny, warm and with smooth streets. If you stay in the capital, Las Palmas like we mostly did, you can almost get some city vibes even though it’s a small island. When you leave the snow and rain after months and finally get some sun, it’s an amazing experience—energy was high and everyone skated ten-plus hours a day. This is the result from those four days, enjoy