Thank You Skateboards Pro Torey Pudwill unterschreibt Lacoste Sponsordeal

20. November 2020   07:32  -  Johannes Gausepohl


Thank You Skateboards & Grizzly Griptape Chef Torey Pudwill hat einen neuen Sponsordeal mit der Modefirma LACOSTE an Land gezogen. Die Firma mit dem Krokodil hat passend dazu ein kleines Interview bei sich auf der Webseite online gestellt.

Your passion is skateboarding. What peaked your interest in the lifestyle/sport and what has been your greatest success so far?

I fell in love with the sport since day one. It opened my eyes to see the world differently. Skateboarding gave me confidence, motivation and a work ethic that all define who I am. Falling down and picking myself up to try again and again is something that I’ve gotten used to. Nothing feels better than landing a trick that you work hard for to succeed by rolling away from it. Knowing that the reward is much greater when you don’t give up makes you appreciate the process seeing through your vision. The opportunity to do what I love and inspire people around the world is what I see as my greatest success. Skateboarding goes beyond being a fun activity for some people and symbolizes a meaning of life. The impact of the culture pushes me further into the lifestyle that transcends into fashion, music, art and business.

You became an entrepreneur at a very early age. What inspired you to create your business?

The inspiration started when I was 11. The idea came from a bear logo that I put on skateboard accessories and gave away to skaters that I looked up to. It was fun! Making something useful to give my friends and make a little bit of money on the side selling to a local skate shop. As my career in skateboarding progressed, I carried this idea in the back of my mind. After I established my name as a professional skateboarder, I wondered what the rest of the world would think about my little bear idea. Sure enough, it got noticed! A couple friends who were successful entrepreneurs and skateboard business owners supported my passion and got behind helping me out. Organically, I created a huge demand for Grizzly Griptape and my vision turned into a business overnight!

Das ganze Interview gibt’s auf der LACOSTE Webseite.

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