Olympic Skateboarding Qualification Update – 3 more Contests in 2021

22. März 2021   08:54  -  Johannes Gausepohl


After the long break imposed by the pandemic, we are glad to finally announce the restart of the qualification season leading up to Tokyo 2020, the first Olympic Games in the history of Skateboarding.

The process of getting back to competition has been a long and elaborate path, conducted with two main equally important goals for World Skate: provide further qualification opportunities to the Olympic hopefuls who have been working tirelessly during the past years and guarantee athletes and their staff a safe and comfortable competition environment.

During the past few months we envisioned various different scenarios that have been promptly subverted, by the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related travel restriction. We’ve worked tirelessly towards the goal of minimizing the compromises needed to return to competition and, following an IOC request, Olympic Qualification Rules will soon be implemented with contingency measures able to cope with every possible scenario.

Today, while final arrangements are being defined regarding the Park World Championships, we are happy to announce that there will be 2 Olympic qualification point opportunities for each discipline. In addition to the OWSR points available through these events, direct qualification spots for TOKYO2020 are awarded to all podium athletes of the World Championships.

Here is the 2021 Skateboarding Olympic Qualification Season calendar

17 – 23 May:  Dew Tour Des Moines (USA) Street & Park Pro Tour

31 May – 6 June: Street World Championships Rome (ITA) Street World Champ.

14 – 20 June:  Park World CHampionships TBA Park World Champ.

The Seeding Rules for 2021 events have been reviewed considering the long break taken from competition and the limited amount of point opportunities left to athletes: The top 12 WSR ranked athletes per gender and discipline will be pre-seeded to the Semifinals of Pro Tour events and only the top 5 WSR ranked athletes after Dew Tour and National Championship results inclusion will be awarded a pre-seeding spot to the World Championship Semifinals in both genders and disciplines.

Dew Tour and the start of Street World Championships will be separated by one full week. No other calendar solution was possible. World Skate is working with both event organizers to make it easy and convenient to arrange athlete travels from North America to Europe.

As you are reading this article, a bulletin regarding the first event has been published and further information regarding both: the Dew Tour and the World Championships will follow suit.

Please note: the new location for Dew Tour will be announced to the media and general public on March 23, 2021.

To all the skateboarders worldwide: we look forward to meeting you soon…finally!

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