WorldSkate – Nationale Skateboard Meisterschaften spielen keine Rolle mehr für Olympia

5. Mai 2022   04:47  -  Johannes Gausepohl


WorldSkate hat die nationalen Skateboard Meisterschaften rausgeschmissen und zieht nun sein eigenes „Ding“ bei der Olympia Skateboard Qualifikation durch.

So könnte man die Tatsache beschreiben, dass die große Organisation keine Lust mehr auf die Meisterschaften hat und diese keine Rolle mehr bei der Olympia Skateboard Qualifikation spielen. Punkte sammeln, um bei Olympia dabei zu sein, kann man nun nur noch auf den Events von WorldSkate (World Championship; Olympic Qualifying Series; Pro Tour; ‘5-Star’ events; ‘3-Star’ Events). Dies gab die Organisation, die auch für Inline Skating verantwortlich ist, nun im Zuge der Paris 2024 Quali bekannt:

World Skate are glad to announce the International Olympic Committee qualification system rules for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Taking forward the learnings and feedback from Tokyo, there are a handful of new aspects to the qualification process this time around, which skateboarders and other interested parties should be aware of.

In the interests of clarity and simplicity of communication, we have highlighted them below:

  • The skateboarding contest season will run in parallel with calendar years- which is to say January to December.
  • National Championships will not be part of the qualification strata
  • Continental Championships will now be ranked as ‘3-Star’ events
  • The number of skateboarders in each event is raised to 22
  • The event tiers from which Olympic qualification points are attributed are as follows: World Championship; Olympic Qualifying Series; Pro Tour; ‘5-Star’ events; ‘3-Star’ events.
  • A full breakdown of how the point system and seeding arrangements operate will be released for general distribution prior to the commencement of the 2022 season.
  • A ‘universality quota’ will function as a limited invitational system for under-represented NOC’s with a registered skateboarder who is ranked within the top 50 of their discipline in Official World Skate Rankings at the end of qualification season.
  • OWSR points opportunities for 2022 will comprise 2 Street events and 1 Park event. Each discipline will have a World Championship this year.
  • The 2022 calendar is as follows:
      • 26th of June/3rd of July 2022 – Street Skateboarding Rome (Pro Tour) – Rome

      • 2nd of October /9th of October 2022 – RIO World Skate Park World Championships 2022 by STU – Rio De Janeiro

      • 9th of October/16th of October – RIO World Skate Street World Championships 2022 by STU – Rio De Janeiro


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