Eric Koston rides for Skate Mental Skateboards – Numbers by Koston and Mariano is done?

23. März 2021   11:36  -  Johannes Gausepohl


An era came to an end in 2016. Eric Koston left Girl Skateboards and started the company „Numbers Edition“ with some of his friends. Koston, Guy Mariano, Miles Silvas, Rodrigo TX and Antonio Durao made the scene unsafe for almost 4 years. But now the end seems to have come for the Number company …

The official webseit of Eric’s company is offline and Instagram has not had any new updates for months. Skate Mental Skateboards and the american mailorder company CCS have posted two photos of Koston Skate Mental Boards.

Since there is only one person in skateboarding that goes by the name of Eric Koston, it seems Eric is really riding for Brad Stabas Skate Mental.

The big, official press release is still pending. But the two boards should be enough as confirmation …


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