Gossip – Nyjah Huston shows first signs of his own skateboard company

17. Mai 2021   12:23  -  Johannes Gausepohl


After Nyjah Huston and Element Skateboards split up in January 2021 (News), Nyjah gives hints about his new skateboard company for the first time!

It is not much what the MOB Pro driver is offering us.

You can see his skateboard lying on his back, i.e. the grip tape facing down.

Three different characters can be seen on the black blank board. The Nike SB and the Monster Energy logo … but what, or what, is the third design for? Nyjah only writes about the post:

It’s coming.

This certainly means his company, but apart from a / the logo, Huston does not reveal any further details.

So if you want to know more about „Nyjah Skateboards“, you have to be patient …

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