Oakley | More Than A … | Eric Koston

7. September 2023   18:51  -  Johannes Gausepohl

In ‚More Than a Skater‘, we step into the world of Eric Koston: the balancing act of his daily life, transferring the creativity and fun from skateboarding into other avenues, and the importance of taking on new challenges.


In a world where first impressions rule, we often get stuck at a superficial level and overlook the hidden depths within people. Our collective is comprised of skaters, surfers, runners, cyclists, gamers, and more, but also photographers, designers, artists, mentors, and champions in their communities – and with all of them, there’s truly More Than Meets the Eye. In ‘More Than a _________’, we explore the lives of these multi-talented individuals. Leave the labels aside and join us as we explore the power of embracing our differences and diverse interests and discover the beauty in being more than what others may perceive.