Walker Ryan Raw NYC | TransWorld SKATEboarding

17. Mai 2017   16:00  -  Johannes Gausepohl

It was a warm spring day at Tompkins square park. I didn’t have anyone to skate with so I had decided to skate some flatground by myself. A guy came up to me who seemed to know me so I played along like I knew him too. In truth, I couldn’t remember ever meeting him. He was said he was a filmer and asked if I wanted to come skate with him and Nestor Judkins. “Sure,” I said. Next thing I know a year has gone by and we’ve stacked enough footage to fill a video part. Here is the raw footage from a year of skating with Matt Schleyer in the Big Apple. Matt grew up filming Frankie Spears so Frankie was on nearly every session with me, keeping the hype going and pushing everyone around him. In between working construction or other odd jobs, Matt was always down for a session. He’s proved to be one of the most dedicated, passionate and on-point filmers I’ve ever had the pleasure of skating with. There really is nothing like skateboarding in New York City. Thanks again Matt!—Walker Ryan
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