Red Bull – Street Skating and Dodging Tuks Tuks in Bangalore | The Curry Connection EP 2

19. Juni 2017   22:40  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Nassim Guammaz, Jaakko Ojanen, Rob Wootton and Christian Bica spice it up from Goa to Bangalore in this skate mission to India.

India is a contradiction. What you see, experience and believe to be certain can flip in an instant and leave you gasping for air. Skateboarding in a country which is almost as big as a continent comes with its own risks and rewards.

So, we started with Goa where the sun shines in endless bright blue skies. Goa is a party destination and far from a typical skate stop, so the spots we found soon had their own nick name – ’shpots‘. From here we set out to Bangalore to dodge tuk tuks and shred some untouched concrete. Join the crew as they skate from shpot to shpot shredding everything and anything the country has to skate on.

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