Zero Skateboards – United States of Whatever Tour | Episode 1

10. Juli 2018   21:20  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Zero Skateboards war auf Tour in den USA: 36 Tage, 29 Demos und Events und fast 10.000 zurückgelegte Meilen! In Episode 1 startet das Team in Carslbad, Kalifornien, und fährt Demos in Texas …

Just around this time last year, the Zero team set out on an ambitious road trip in their 12-year-old, 15-passenger van—cargo trailer in tow—preparing for the longest Zero tour to date: 36 days, 29 demos/events, and nearly 10,000 miles covered. The goal was to meet up with shops, do some demos, link up with some Zero fans across the US and in between it all, stack some clips for the upcoming Zero video, Damn It All.

After the AC goes out on the first stretch of the trip, the tone was set. But this wasn’t their first rodeo. In episode 1, the crew leaves the Zero offices in Carlsbad, CA., demoes through Texas stopping at Crooks Skate Shop in El Paso and Southside in Houston, and gets in a night session at a local TX slab spot. Tune in tomorrow for episode 2, featuring the viral Rain Demo that blew up on Instagram, more demoes through Tennessee (Sixth Ave.), North Carolina, Virginia, and much more!

VIDEO / Austin Ayub
EDITING / @collinhpx / Austin Ayub

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