Vans Europe Presents: Iberico

11. Juni 2021   18:19  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Die Vans Europe Fahrer (Deutschlands Flo Marfaing, Afonso Nery, Alex Furtado, Arnau Truque, Ben Skrzypez, David Sanchez, Dubann Machuca) auf Iberia Tour …

Adhering to Covid restrictions and guidelines, we selected the best cities around Spain with best weather and longer days and according to that we traveled to Alicante first In October followed by Barcelona in November, and then straight to the other side of Spain with Cadiz and Madrid as our last destinations.

We were all new in this amazing journey since we pretty much started from scratch and you could tell that on our faces every day of every tour, we had the best time of our lives getting to know each and skating together. We had Tania Cruz ripping with us and every one was super stoked to have her. We also discovered that Pol Amadó was always drawing stuff and end up doing all the art and animation for the video.
Having a Jamón ibérico in every tour was a priority so we decided to call the video “Ibérico”.

Featuring Afonso Nery, Alex Furtado, Arnau Truque, Ben Skrzypez, David Sanchez, Dubann Machuca, Florentin Marfaing, Gelek Gonzalez, Ibon Mariño, Joscha Aicher , Martino Cattaneo, Nuno Relogio, Pedro Roseiro, Pol Amadó, Rafa Cort, Roberto Alemañ, Tania Cruz, and Victor Pellegrin

A video by Blai Costa

Music credits:
“Nubes negras“ performed by sudor cósmico, courtesy of Marc Bosser Sulé.
“DB 02“ performed by Ohanko, courtesy of Lion Roar Studio.
“Iniciación“ performed by Sperit, courtesy of Bankrobber .
“Old Lad“ performed by Olsen Twinz, courtesy of Track Records SL.
“Yeerbaguena“ performed by Gnawledge written by Canyon Cody courtesy of Gnawledge
“Croqueta“ written and performed by Arnau Truque.
„The Avanger“ performed by Freedonia, courtesy of La Cúpula Music SL.
“Today on the traaaiiin” written and performed by Bastien Duverdier “kēpa” courtesy of Haïku records by copyright control.

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