30 Jahre Vans Half Cab Schuh | Episode 1: The Full Cab

10. Februar 2022   06:33  -  Johannes Gausepohl

Steve Caballeros Vans Schuh ist, genauso wie Cab, legendär. Zum 30jährigen Jubiläum des Pro Shoes startet diese dreiteilige Serie mit allen Infos von Cab hinself …

Episode 1: The Full Cab takes us back to 1989 when Vans and skateboarding legend Steve Caballero introduced the first Vans signature skate shoe, the Caballero. In true DIY spirit, skateboarders saw a chance to reimagine the silhouette by cutting down the high-top padding to better meet their needs, pushing the boundaries of progression and creative expression. The Half Cab™ was born.

This year, Vans celebrates skateboarding’s creative spirit and three decades of an icon that’s influenced culture both within skateboarding and beyond, with Half Cab™ product drops and many exciting collaborations throughout the year.Stay tuned to Vans.com/HalfCab for more information throughout the year.

Music credits:
Flash Fluharty – “Say Flash”
Sounds Supreme – “Feelin’ Good Feelin’ Great”
Jordan Childs – “5AM in Cali”
Firefly Music – “Lightscape”
Marc Walloch – “Samsara”

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