Copenhagen Open 2018 Amsterdam (Ishod Wair, Luan Oliveira, Sean Malto, Milton Martinez) CPH OPEN

9. August 2018   07:20  -  Johannes Gausepohl

After Copenhagen the CPH Pro crew came down to Amsterdam to host a line session on a classic Dutch school bench and a ledge. After that we all took the boat with lots of champagne and went over to the famous Marnix Bowl where people reached hights that we never saw before. If that wasn’t enough Skatepark Noord held a deathrace and afterparty. So much in one day and it will only become more in the upcoming days in Berlin, Germany.

Rob Maatman
Sewa Kroetkov
Ishod Wair
Sean Malto
Stefan Janoski
Woody “Tha WoodZ“ Hoogendijk
Oskar “Oski“ Rozenberg
Milton Martinez
Yuri Faccini
Kevin White
Jamie Foy
Alexander Risvad
Trent McClung
Mason Silva
Guido “De Piazza“ Stazi (Yaman)
Dennie Carlsen
Cody Lockwood
Kevin Baekel
Juan Carlos Aliste
Fernando Bramsmark
Alex Halford
Luan Oliveira

Tim Koster

YME – In the 1980s

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