Vans – Vans Shop Riot 2017: Germany Qualifiers

13. Juni 2017   15:30  -  Johannes Gausepohl

This past weekend Vans Shop Riot Series 2017 returned to the legendary Northbrigade Skatepark in Cologne, Germany. This year the event returned for a third time at this magical spot.

Supported by a big local crowd, 14 Shop teams went into battle to fight for the title of “Germany’s Best Shop Team” and therefore winning a place in Milan, Italy for the finals.

In a nerve racking finale, it was the one on one battle between SHRN and Team Titus that would decide the overall winner. SHRN had a great team effort with Joscha Aicher epitomizing this by knocking off a traffic cone balanced on Paul Zenner’s head (as shown on edit). Daniel Ledermann cleared a big gap with a huge 360 flip, however it wasn’t enough for the win.

Team Titus once again showed in the finals how to get it done. Yannick Schall and Jost Arens destroyed the big rail with Nollie Fs Boardslides and a Big Spin Fs Boardslide. Whilst Partick Rogalski ollied over the boards of his team mates in the big quarter.
In the end, Team Titus claimed the win for the third time in a row.

In the Nixon Best trick session everyone headed to the big section, Ike Fromme took home the win and a signature Nixon watch.
Danny Pham landed a Nollie Heelflip to FS Boardslide, Fabian Trojer did a BS Tailslide Big Spin out on the big hubba and Peter Eich landed a Big Spin Flip Fs Boardslide.

The Riot heads to Winterthur, Switzerland next on June 18th.

Follow all the action from Vans Shop Series 2017, from qualifiers to finals at vansshopriot.com.


1. Team Titus – Yannick Schall, Jost Arens, Patrick Rogalski
2. SHRN – Daniel Ledermann, Joscha Aicher, Paul Zenner
3. Titus Wuppertal – Sascha Scharf, Dominic Peters, Niklas Stube

Best Trick Winner:

Ike Fromme (Mantis) – FS Smith Grind Body Varial in the Big Section

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